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Commander Mcgarret On File Application SWAT HQ Empty Commander Mcgarret On File Application SWAT HQ

Post by Sean Mcgarret on Sat Dec 24, 2016 6:18 pm

IG/TS Name:
MAJ S.Mcgarret
Player ID ( Go to your profile, click unit, click edit, set to custom):


Date of Birth: (Day/Month/Year)
Nationality and Timezone:
Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?
Have you ever been any sort of Law Enforcement on ArmA 3 role play before?
If you answered yes to the above question, provide some information on what you were and what you did:
PD Patrols Altis Life
SWAT Team Member Then went to SWAT Commander

Why do you want to join the APD? (150 Words):
To uphold the law of the server and serve the community. The summer before my junior year in VMI, I applied for the head of cadets. My commanding officer was a former Marine with an MBA from Harvard. He was a short, strong black man who always wore a perfectly pressed cadet uniform blues.

He took everything he did very seriously, and expected his team to do the same. But he was also happy to spend considerable time with me in spite of his busy schedule.

He was full of wisdom – not just opinions, but genuine wisdom. Wisdom earned by clawing his way out of a bleak future in a small North Carolina town. Wisdom earned fighting for his country, saving men from his unit and watching others die. Wisdom earned by working his way into Marquette and then Harvard.

I admired him tremendously. He is the reason why I want to become a police officer because I want to serve and become an active leader. Also with that being said I want to enter the law enforcement community and become some sort of tactical actions officer. I have a real life U.S. Army background and an Arma 3 military simulation team background. I am highly skilled and my leadership skills are tip top shape. I have served in numerous special forces units around Arma 3 and Arma 2. I want to stop the wholly wars inside city's and stop rebels from killing innocents.
What do you hope to obtain by joining the APD? (100 Words):
I hope to obtain and create a better Police Forces. I will strive to create a better police force by offering a elite SWAT team to serve as the best tactical response out on the server.
Do you have a working microphone?
On a daily basis how many hours are you willing to play?
6 out of 7 days
Do you agree that you will follow all High Commands orders no matter what they say (Unless it's breaking a rule.) and not to break any rules during your time as a APD officer. Knowing if you do break any of the server rules or laws you may be removed or blacklisted from the APD?

Sean Mcgarret

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Commander Mcgarret On File Application SWAT HQ Empty Re: Commander Mcgarret On File Application SWAT HQ

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