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By: Miles


Arma 3

ClassifiedReborn ArmA III Life Rules:

General Rules

1.1 You cannot wear cop or EMS clothing / vests as a civilian.
1.2 Spamming text chat or voice is not allowed.
1.3 Using side chat for RP purposes is not allowed.
1.4 Initiated role play lasts for roughly 10 minutes before you must re-initiate.
1.5 New Life Rule (NLR): If you die, or switch teams (from cop to civ for example) you don't remember anything from your last life.
1.6 Combat Logging isn't Allowed. Pressing Alt+f4 or by using task manager under any circumstances will get you banned.
1.7 Suicide Vests may not be used in Kavala.
1.8 You may not declare war on Kavala.
1.9 You cannot fly a jet over Kavala or you will be blown up.

Roleplay Rules

2.1 You must value everyone’s life, including your own.
2.2 Killing yourself to escape punishment IE jumping in the river and purposefully drowning, killing yourself in jail etc is considered failure to value life/FailRP.
2.3 If you are tied up by a civ OR restrained by the police, you may not get out of a vehicle they put you in unless they say so or pull you out.
2.4 You Cannot start a bank robbery and leave immediately after.
2.5 If someone does not lock pick you out of handcuffs or an officer does not physically UN-restrain you, RP must be continued as if you were still restrained.
2.6 RDM (Random Death Match) Killing someone without roleplaying is not allowed.
2.7 TDM (Random Tazing) Tazing someone without roleplaying is not allowed.
2.8 You cannot exicute someone after robbing if they have followed everything they have told you to do.

Vehicle Rules

3.1 You may ram another vehicle only if your life is in direct harm and only to avoid death.
3.2 Constantly ramming a vehicle at high speeds in order to disable it is considered not valuing your life.
3.3 VDM (Vehicle Death Match) Running over a player or using your vehicle as a weapon is not allowed, it is only allowed when you are being attacked and only to avoid death.
3.4 You must be above 200m when flying over Kavala unless you are landing at civ landing. Failure to abide by this rule will result in being shot down or worse.
3.5 You may not use your helicopter or plane as a weapon.

Roleplaying Rules to Civilians

4.1 You must initiate outside of a vehicle and pose an immediate death threat.
4.2 You can not initiate gun play role play with police while restrained.(Example: Telling police they will die unless they let you go.)
4.3 If your gang member gets killed you may kill the player that kill him, however you cannot kill a player that talks to your gang member and does not kill him.
4.4 When initiating to a player in a vehicle you have to give more than 3 warnings.

Roleplaying Rules to Cops

5.1 Being restrained by a cop is not classified as initiation.
5.2 Cops pulling you over with lights and sirens is not classified as initiation unless they have shot at your car.
5.3 You may not ride along with any Police Officers or EMS however you can ask for a lift to the store etc.
5.4 Any person wearing a mask can be searched by the police.
5.5 You may not troll the police, Please Roleplay with them.

Hostage, Prison and Bank Rules

6.1 You cannot do a prison, hostage or bank robbery at the same time. (Bring a hostage to the bank is not allowed)
6.2 You cannot harm the negotiators when in a hostage situation.
6.3 You cannot take EMS hostage as they are neutral to all roles.
6.4 The maximum price for a whole hostage situation (No matter how many hostages) is $1,000,000
6.5 You may not kill and when revived take the hostage again nor kill him again.
6.6 The hostages cannot switch sides and kill the cops as they are hostages.

SafeZone Rules

7.1 You cannot Kill, Rob, Steal vehicles And take hostages in a safezone
7.2 You cannot enter a safezone if you are in a active police chase.

SafeZone Areas (50m from the following)

8.1 Town Spawns
8.2 Police HQ’s
8.3 EMS HQ’s
8.4 ADAC HQ’s
8.5 Vehicle Garage’s
8.6 ATM’s
8.7 Any other SafeZones are marked on the map in Green

RDM Zones

9.1 RDM Zones are located on the map in Red.
9.2 You are allowed to kill without roleplay in a RDM Zone.
9.2 You cannot take hostages in a RDM Zone
9.3 Cops are Not allowed to enter a RDM Zone.

Police Force Service

10.1 When accepted to the police force enter teamspeak to go under an interveiw.
10.2 All Cops must have read all of the Police Guidelines.
10.3 No shooting at vehicles where there is threat of loss of life.
10.4 Cops are only to use lethal force if there life is endangered.
10.5 In Order to raid an illegal area there must be more than 3 cops involved.


11.1 EMS/ADAC cannot be killed, robbed or taken hostage.
11.2 EMS/ADAC Vehicles cannot be stolen or destroyed.
11.3 No criminal activity is allowed as an EMS/ADAC. You are neutral, do not work with criminals. You cannot aid them.
11.4 EMS/ADAC Shall never have possession of a firearm.
11.5 You are to do your best in your attempts to revive or repair all players.
11.6 Revive cops or repair cops vehicles first then the civilians after.
11.7 No one can ride in your car unless you are taking them to the HQ.
11.8 All EMS/ADAC must have read all of the EMS/ADAC Guidelines.

Admin Rules

12.1 Admins cannot spawn in gear for players unless it is for compensation.
12.2 Admins cannot spawn in money for players or to buys high powered guns or vehicles.
12.3 Admins shall not abuse their powers ingame or teamspeak.
12.4 Admins shall only use their menu when in a admin situation.
12.5 Admins must read the admin guidelines before going on duty.

Failure to comply these rules will result in a kick or ban from the server.


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