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Kaleb Dickins APD Application Empty Kaleb Dickins APD Application

Post by Kaleb Dickins on Wed Dec 28, 2016 12:20 am

IG/TS Name:
Answer- Kaleb Dickins
Player ID:
Answer- 76561198140341717
Answer- Male
Answer- 14
Date of Birth:
Answer- 12/01/02
Nationality and Timezone:
Answer- American and EST (Eastern Standard Time)
Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language?
Answer- Yes
Have you ever been any sort of Law Enforcement on ArmA 3 role play before?
Answer- Yes
If you answered yes to the above question, provide some information on what you were and what you did:
Answer- I was apart of a lot of different police deparments. But the ones that I mostly played on and helped the police force was Horizon Life (Commissioner), FSG/ECPL (Sergent/I.A. Member), Asylum (Officer), but I have a lot more experience under my belt but I didn't play on the server for that long.
Why do you want to join the APD? (150 Words):
Answer- I am getting tired of robbing civilians and taking hostages and the police coming in and not valueing the hostages life and just arresting me. But that's beside the point. I also want to join the police force because I am I leader not a follower so that means I want to stand above and beyond and you can't do that when your just a civilian trying to rob cops and other civilians. But you can do when your a police officer, by following your sop's, following chain of command, and leading other officers to well and try to improve those who don't.
What do you hope to obtain by joining the APD? (100 Words):
Answer- I hope to obtain better RP, aim, and also more friendships. But I'm mostly now trying to obtain something from the police force but sustaining what is already there. And what is already there trying to make even better, by making more departments, like I.A. and HR, but also C.I.A. or C.A.T. I also hope to learn more people and try to get come cops to be better than ever, and know that the police force isn't just shoot anyone, but it also RP and understanding that you have to RP like it is a real arrest and let the lawyer that may be representing the criminal try to be a lawyer.
Do you have a working microphone?
Answer- Yes
On a daily basis how many hours are you willing to play?
Answer- At least 3 hours a day, but recently I had some family emerencies and haven't been able to get back to my computer.
Do you agree that you will follow all High Commands orders no matter what they say (Unless it's breaking a rule.) and not to break any rules during your time as a APD officer. Knowing if you do break any of the server rules or laws you may be removed or blacklisted from the APD?
Answer- Yes!

Kaleb Dickins

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Kaleb Dickins APD Application Empty Re: Kaleb Dickins APD Application

Post by BranDogg on Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:19 am

Looks Great, Come in TS for Tags and Interview. Thx


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