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TheTrueGamer's APD Application Empty TheTrueGamer's APD Application

Post by TheTrueGamer on Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:56 am

IG/TS Name: TheTrueGamer

Player ID ( Go to your profile, click unit, click edit, set to custom): 76561198133811381

Gender: Male

Age: Age of now(16) Birthday next month(17)

Date of Birth: (Day/Month/Year) 23/1/00

Nationality and Timezone: Central Timezone/U.S.A

Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language? Yes

Have you ever been any sort of Law Enforcement on ArmA 3 role play before? Yes

If you answered yes to the above question, provide some information on what you were and what you did: Mud-Dogs(Asst. Chief Of Police,Head F.T.O,and APD Fight Leader), Sealteamsloth(Corporal), Annex Life(Captain,Head F.T.O,and APD Flight 1)

Why do you want to join the APD? (150 Words): RP Wise: My: Son, Wife, and me went to a hotel on our way to an amusement park in Kavala (before it shut down because of the war). The war didn't look too well for the U.S and British troops because they weren't receiving any help whatsoever. At first i wanted to join the rebels because of our government...and I did. When I applied they said we was rushing a city, (They didn't say what city) they said they was going to bomb it to rid the city of the enemy troops. I said what about all the innocent lifes that live there, they said "don't fucking talk to me like that i don't give a shit". So they bombed it... I found out what city they bombed and it was, my city. I ran to my house to only find my family killed in the rubble of our house, I betrayed as many men as i could and ran, ran all the way to the nearest U.S outpost to give them coordantes to our Main Base. The war finished soon after that, but rebels still ran amidst us on this island so im willing to join the cop force to take them in for good.

Real Life Wise: Because i really like being a cop.

What do you hope to obtain by joining the APD? (100 Words): Higher Ranks, Maybe S.W.A.T, and to become better than i already am, with my tactics, aim knowledge of rules taking criminals out instead of having to kill them then revive them (because i know how painful that is). And i hope to be that one cop that is more likable than the rest. To be that one cop other cops need to win in a fight and to be there for civilians as well,to protect them,save them, or help them with there issues if possible. And finally wish to be as helpful as i can to the server and to not be a burden, to be mature, not a dick or a fucking idoit, to be the best cop i can become.

Do you have a working microphone? Yes

On a daily basis how many hours are you willing to play? School Days: about 6 or 7 hrs, Off days/Weekends: 10 to 20 depending on when i wake up or work i have to do.

Do you agree that you will follow all High Commands orders no matter what they say (Unless it's breaking a rule.) and not to break any rules during your time as a APD officer. Knowing if you do break any of the server rules or laws you may be removed or blacklisted from the APD? Yes i do and if i did i will say an explanation first.


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TheTrueGamer's APD Application Empty Re: TheTrueGamer's APD Application

Post by Jacobob on Thu Dec 29, 2016 5:33 am

Accepted please come to the ts for an interview Smile


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