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Post by Julian Alvarado on Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:56 am

IG/TS Name: Julian Alvarado

Player ID: 76561198138961640

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Date of Birth: (Day/Month/Year) 06/29/1999

Nationality and Timezone: American and my timezone is EST

Can you communicate effectively and efficiently in the English language? Yes.

Have you ever been any sort of Law Enforcement on ArmA 3 role play before? Yes, I have.

If you answered yes to the above question, provide some information on what you were and what you did: I was a deputy in Critical Gaming. My job was simply to patrol the streets of lakeside (A3L) for crime and suspicious activities.

Why do you want to join the APD? (150 Words): I just merely want to spice things up a little bit. Kidnapping people and doing cocaine runs has gotten a bit stale to me in my opinion. I just want a change. Apart from that, I work well under strict guidelines/orders. Meaning that I can work really well under stress and dangerous situations. Unlike being a rebel, where you make a mistake and all is forgotten. Another key rule as to why I want to join the APD, is because I'm tired of my "friends" backstabbing me and running away with all the money that we worked so hard for. I am also known for being a nice person, people do tend to take advantage of that. But I am never salty. I could remain a cadet for months on end and still treat everybody with high respect and dignity. In my opinion, joining the police force would be the best option.    

What do you hope to obtain by joining the APD? (100 Words): Respect, loyalty and enjoyment. But overall, I just want to obtain an understanding and a friendship with the officers around me. Apart from that, I just want to improve my listening skills and my overall enjoyment of a good game. I have heavy experience being a rebel, and I want to change that, and do some good for once by joining the police department. It's not about money or power, I just care about obtaining respect and having fun in a strict environment with my teammates. I would also like to obtain better thinking strategies and a better thinking environment.    

Do you have a working microphone? Yes, I have a blue yeti.

On a daily basis how many hours are you willing to play? I'm willing to play around 6-7 hours during the week, and 10-11 hours during the weekend. Mainly because I'm a high school student, and I do tend to get a lot of work from my advanced placement classes like psychology.  

Do you agree that you will follow all High Commands orders no matter what they say (Unless it's breaking a rule.) and not to break any rules during your time as a APD officer. Knowing if you do break any of the server rules or laws you may be removed or blacklisted from the APD? Yes, I fully understand.

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