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Post by BetrayerPlaysHD on Tue Dec 13, 2016 10:18 pm

Terms and conditions:

Firstly I would like to thank you for donating towards our server, But please make sure that you follow our Terms & Conditions.

Make sure to always ask bill payer's permission, Any donations WILL be refunded under 3 days, If you request a refund after 3 days you WILL NOT get one due to the fact the donations go straight back into the server.
We are not held liable for any mistakes you make on a donation Eg. Donating to much this is
Your liability and you must take care on making the donation.
We only do transactions through paypal and only BetrayerPlaysHD is the only one who deal with the donations.
If you speak to an admin about any donations and they tell you to donate to us in different means then Do Not Do SO. Report the member of staff immediately.
Any donation Above $10 will get a custom skinned Hunter That will be allowed in Kavala.
Again always ask bill payer’s permission and remember refunds will not be available after the 3 day mark.

Donation Types:
$10+ Custom skinned Hunter.
A Shirt Designed for our community.
A clown horn for your cars.
A clan Tag that can be attached to clothing.
Your own teamspeak channel.
VIP Tag in Teamspeak and on the Website.
And some other cosmetics in game.

We can not give money in game as this is against Bohemia Interactive's rights.

All donators will have priority in waiting for support rooms if you are a donator then please put [000] at the end of your name and you will be seen first.

Donate To [Paypal only] or

Thanks for you donations
By donating you agree and understand to these terms and condition.


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