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EMS Rules & Gidelines Empty EMS Rules & Gidelines

Post by BetrayerPlaysHD on Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:45 am


1: All members of EMS are neutral and may only report crimes to the police that directly involve themselves.
2: As EMS are neutral, no player shall rob, kill, kidnap, threaten, or otherwise commit a crime against Emergency Medical Services personnel (including stealing EMS vehicles).
3: Only EMS are permitted to be in possession of EMS gear. Giving out or collecting EMS gear is prohibited.
4: All players must follow the instructions of EMS personnel upon being revived.
5: No player shall be broken out of or released from EMS custody unless granted permission by the attending EMS personnel.
6: Players may not abuse being taken into EMS custody.
7: EMS must attempt to help all players in need.
8: If police are on scene of a crime, EMS must follow the instructions of the commanding officer whilst on scene.
9: EMS may not be corrupt for any reason.
10: EMS personnel must attempt to roleplay to the best of their ability. This includes the gear/clothing that they use.
11: 2 EMS units must be designated as “ground units” before an “air unit” may take flight.


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