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Post by Matt Kinley on Fri Dec 30, 2016 4:32 am

IGN:Matt Kinley

Player UID:76561198274187464

Date of Birth (Real Life):12/26/01 Current Age (Real Life):15

Current Location and Timezone (Real Life):US Central (Chicago/US)

Give us a brief description about yourself. (100 Words) (Real Life) I am a freshman and I have a good set of mind of what I want to do in real life. I play a lot of games like Xbox and PC. I am a youtuber, but I only have 24 subscribers. I am 15 and I live in the Chicago, IL. My real name is Raphael but my make-up name I made is Matt Kinley. I have been wanting to join the millitary when I get to take current age and hope to become a cop. I am very known from where I am I have 4 sibling on my father side and my mother side. My father and my mother are divorced. {And I really couldn't have think of very much things}

Why do you want to join the EMS Department? (100 Words): I want to become a EMS because I feel like not to many be people can do the right things. And also want to do it because I have been an EMS in my old sever. But I feel like some people can't afford to "respawn"(out of RP) cause some people would just like to save up to buy other things instead of buy all their things that they had all over. I can be very nice to people. I help a lot of people when I am a cop. I feel like I can do more than be a civ or a cop.

What qualities do you possess that would help you working as EMS? (100 Words) The qualities I posses is that I was a medic before and I remeber a lot of thing that they have thought me when I joined. I know how to deal with situation like when a person is killed in an active situation. I am very well know in the community and a lot of people know me as well. I have good quality to save people when they are at the far distance. I can fly, drive, dive. I have a lot of experience in the game. I can get to places and a good time to make sure the person get back up on their feet.

What is your greatest failure and what did you learn from it? I learned when u respond to a person down and there is a situation. I would back off until the situation is clear.

Do you have any experience with being a EMS/Medic? (Rank/Where) yes, I was close to become a combat medic and it was in my old sever.

Do you have good english/communication skills? yes

If you are accepted for medic, and you are inactive you will be un-whitelisted, Do you understand?: yes I do understand

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